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8 Awesome Recreational Uses

As summer finally heads our way.  We figured it would be nice to share some of our favorite alternative ways to use Cannabis. From toothpaste to coffee… we made sure to add in a little something for everyone.  If you don’t find one thing appealing we know you’ll like another.  Let us know if you feel like we missed anything, or if you’ve tried something that absolutely must go on the list!

Shampoo and Conditioner:

What?! Yes, you read that right.  Hemp seed oil is a common ingredient used in the making of shampoos and conditioners. It’s known for the way its strengthens hair, and stimulates the hair follicles.  Not only that it also moisturizes skin! By adding trace amounts of cannaboids such as CBD or THC alongside hemp seed oil intensifies those positive benefits and allowing cannabis based shampoos and conditioners to be worth a second thought!

See here.

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Lotions and Balms:

This one is becoming well known already.  Lotions and Balms are the best way to administer topical cannabis!  They won’t give you a high feeling, but they do help with all sorts of other things… We know from experience that the relief levels are high!  They greatly reduce body aches, cramps (for the ladies), inflammation in muscles and joints, headache relief (when rubbed on temples), and an assortment of skin conditions.  Why not try it?

Learn More:

Bath Bombs:

Oh yes. This is an all-time favorite.  Our designer even made some of her own, and gave nothing but great reviews.  Bath Bombs are perfect for distinct reasons.  You can make your own, for the results you are looking for.  You can sit back and just enjoy the therapeutic properties. Or you can indulge and ease some muscle pain. These are another wonderful way to treat PMS.

See here.

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Acne Treatment:

CBD has incredible restorative properties. Meaning CBD can greatly reduce the size of skin imperfections like acne. While it might not take away all the acne, it will reduce redness, and help it to go away much faster.  Not only that but it’s often used to tighten up skin (elasticity), therefore making you look younger.  Like we mentioned previously, it is moisturizing too!

See it here!

Lip Balm and Chapstick:

This is a fun and effortless way to discretely catch a small buzz while healing your chapped lips.  Here you have some options.  You can choose a Sativa based lip balm to keep you upbeat and energized all day long, or you could enjoy peaceful rest with soft lips, when you use the Indica based mix.  Or you could be like us and use the best of both worlds.   Making it yourself it easy, or you could purchase some pre-made balm. We suggest you try some, and if you love it consider making your own!

Check it out here, and here!

Personal Lubricant:

This “high” will be unlike any you’ve experienced.  It generally doesn’t provide the typical “head high” we all know and love.  When using cannabis infused personal lubricant the effects take around 10 to 15 minutes to kick in.  So, starting off with a bit of foreplay is recommended.  Once the effects do come to, the user should expect to feel a warm relaxed sensation in the area, and the experience is said to heighten the pleasure sensations.

Look here!

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This is one we haven’t heard too much of.  However, after reading up on the topic we are thoroughly interested in trying it.  The benefits come from CBG which has quite a bit of some anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. On top of all that, it also works as a bone stimulant and can also repair any damage that’s been done to your teeth.  Sign us up!

Look Here!

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Coffee Pods:

Finally… Brewbudz.  This is a great one for all the coffee lovers. You wouldn’t have to decide between smoking a bowl, or a nice big cup of coffee.   Just imagine waking up first thing in the morning to the best of both worlds.  A nice big cup of cannabis brewed coffee.  A dream come true.  The pods are filled with a mixture of coffee and actual cannabis flower.  No extract or oil. Just coffee beans and cannabis.  The company says that “the pods use a patented extraction process that simultaneously extracts the flavor and caffeine from the coffee as well as the THC or CBD and other components from the cannabis” which create the ultimate Cannabis coffee experience.  Brewbudz come in regular or decaf; coffee, hot cocoa, or tea; recreational or medicinal; and even daytime or nighttime (meaning sativa or indica).

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