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9 Cannabis Laws you Probably Didn’t Know but Should…

Today one of our fellow employees came in and asked us if we knew the vehicle cannabis laws?  Needless to say… not a single person in our office knew them.  So we figured that there’s a solid chance that nobody else really knows either.   Here I am now informing not only you… but the Hakuna Team as well.

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1.  No Open Containers

Prop 64 prohibits possession of an open container of cannabis while driving OR riding in a motor vehicle.

This seems so obvious but I must admit I had absolutely NO idea!

Hakuna Supply to the rescue! Get your stash boxes and jars HERE.

Save yourself the time and ticket fees!

2. Don’t Smoke in Public

Unless it is allowed by a local ordinance, smoking in public is indeed prohibited.

But hey, this isn’t just to upset you, this was put in place to protect our fellow children and pets!

3. Taking your Cannabis on the Plane is NOT Allowed

I often travel between California and Colorado and I have wondered about this one a bit.  My thought is “since it’s legal in both places…” but now that I’m thoroughly informed.  I understand that it once again comes back to the Federal Laws, and since I’m traveling over places and could potentially stop there with a layover….where Cannabis is still illegal… It’s still not okay to have. Which makes sense in a weird round about way.

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4. You cannot just buy cannabis at the store yet, so for the time being you’ll have to improvise.

Grow it inside or out in your yard.

Yes, growing them inside is the easiest way to make sure you are abiding by the standardized regulations… but you are allowed to grow outside as well.  You can find the laws for that HERE.

A household (Regardless of how many people are in it) is limited to growing six plants at one time, and growing includes having… owning… drying… possessing.  Whatever condition the plant may be in.  Only 6 plants are allowed.

5. Smoking and Driving does result in a Weed-UI

I can’t stress this enough.

It’s still illegal to do drugs and operate a vehicle, boat, aircraft or any other such vessel, and it will continue to be. The exact protocols for determining if a driver is impaired by marijuana are being set.

However, Uber is relatively cheap and like alcohol… cannabis effects do wear off.

So, no, one toke probably won’t get you arrested. However, make sure you are being safe and planning as best you can.

Other options similar to Uber are: Designated DryverLyftTaxi Services, Shuttles, Busses, Walking, Calling a friend…

6. Edibles will be regulated.

In 2014, the largest children’s hospital in Colorado reported that nine children had been brought in after accidentally eating products that often look like treats or candy.

In California, edibles will have to be low-dose — breaking off into sections with 10 milligrams of THC, the psychoactive agent, so people know exactly how much they are ingesting. Edibles will need to be in childproof packaging and not come in any fashion that would “appeal to children,” Reiman says. Knowing the California consumer, Reiman also predicts that these historically sugary products will start coming in more raw, vegan, gluten-free, superfood varieties.

7. (California Specific) Forfeiture of property involved in a drug crime

 Forfeiture: Unlike federal law, California law requires a conviction for forfeiture of property involved in a drug crime. Also unlike federal law, state law does not permit forfeiture of personal real estate for marijuana cultivation. Vehicles may be forfeited only if 10 pounds or more of marijuana is involved. Health and Safety Code 11470.

8. Cannabis Taxes

Proposition 64 allows the state to impose a 15% excise tax on the retail sale of cannabis. In addition, the state is able to levy a cultivation tax on growers of $9.25 per ounce for flowers and $2.75 per ounce for leaves.  The ballot measure allows cities and counties to impose their own taxes to cover the costs of services, including enforcement. Medical marijuana patients are exempt from paying state sales taxes.


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