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Best Cannabis Podcasts to Listen to While Stoned

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The Best Cannabis Podcasts To Listen To While Stoned 

Drop in and tune out to these highly educating podcasts to enjoy while stoned. 

In the new virtual age, podcasts have become an even more accessible way to get information. We found some of the best podcasts about cannabis, comedy, and everything to enjoy while stoned. Put on some headphones and tune out to one of these for your next solo session, where creative hosts will have you hanging on to every episode. 

Do The Pot 

How To Do The Pot is an engaging podcast with a shorter format to prepare you for each weekly episode. HTDTP focuses on destigmatizing and “demystifying” cannabis for women. As the cannabis space grows, How To Do The Pot holds space for women to enter into it at their own pace. Speaking with other professionals in the industry, each episode teaches more about how cannabis and our bodies interact and how to enjoy the journey as women. 

Stoned Apetit 

If you like delicious food, great company, entertaining hosts, and a drool-worthy Instagram feed, Stoned Appétit is the podcast for you. Chris and Kip are experts at making you feel like Visit their social media, and the sentiment is clear “We smoke, eat & drink…then record the podcast.” It can’t get much better than that. Let your munchies and mind be inspired by creative stories and a fun set of hosts who know something about cuisine and cannabis. Stoned Appétit may inspire you to get creative in the kitchen or with your cannabis, enjoy responsibly. 

Pot Smoking Moms

The canna-mom movement isn’t going anywhere, thanks partly to hosts like Sunny Dee & Jay, the hosts of Pot Smoking Moms. These moms and mavens knew that to build a community, you must be willing to be vocal. From sunny Florida, they have created a community through cannabis that is constantly growing. PSM has a range of episodes focusing on navigating modern motherhood, handling self-care and parenting with a bit of humor and a lot of weed, and supporting a growing community of moms who deserve the right to medicate. 

High Ladies 

High Ladies is based in Canada, but its international audience speaks for itself. This “lady-led chat” is equal parts humorous and informative. Most recently, their guests have included the ageless Tommy Chong, who sat down to have an in-depth and intimate chat about growth, and of course, cannabis. Whether you’re in the US or anywhere in the world, High Ladies is relatable and honest with hosts that you instantly adore. You can feel the friendliness through their voices, not just because they’re in Canada. It’s because hosts Amanda and Annie are passionate about sharing how we can all work to break down the stigmas around cannabis use. 


If you’re interested in the business side of the cannabis industry, CannaInsider has you covered with up-to-the-minute updates. This podcast has all you need to stay on top of the ever-changing industry. CannaInsider host Matthew Kind interviews industry leaders, movers, and shakers to give you an informed idea about where the post-prohibition canna-biz is headed. CannaInsider has been a long-standing source for updated information through pointed interviews and industry insights.

Weed + Grub

Another fantastic duo dominating the pot podcast space is Weed + Grub. Mike Glazer and Mary Jane (Gibson, that is) are a high-larious pair redefining cannabis and comedy. From relatable stories to great guests and grub, Weed + Grub is a bite-sized dip into the podcast pool. They tackle pop culture topics in a way that makes you feel like you’re in the smoke circle with friends. 

Whether you’re out and about or enjoying an afternoon, these podcasts will leave you entertained and elevated. 


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