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Buyer's Guide for Purchasing a Stash Box

If you’re serious about cannabis, you’ll have at least some kind of stash box. Whether you take weed for medicinal or recreational purposes, buy from stores or grow and cure your own plants, you need somewhere to put all that important kit.

How big or small your stash box is will depend on how dedicated you are and what you use it for. Cannabis users get pretty attached to their apparel and many are very protective or have a favorite grinder, pipe or bong. Once you’ve spent so much time getting the right kit together, you want to make sure it remains in good condition.

Here we take a look at what you need to make a great stash box and the different sorts of things you can put in it.

What is a stash Box?

A stash box is a storage container that typically holds recreational, medicinal, prescription drugs, paraphernalia and weapons. Stash boxes can come in a variety of materials and are most typically made from wood, metal, leather and canvas. Due to the nature of what stash boxes are used for they often have locking security features. Although it is common to have a locking mechanism this is not the definition of a stash box as some are made for the purpose of decor or blending in with decor.

There is a steadily growing list of cannabis products appearing on the market today. We’ve moved way beyond the traditional bunch of cigarette papers or glass bong. There are vaping pens, dab rigs, pipes, grinders, lighters, pokers and stash jars for your weed, in whatever form you want it.

A stash box is basically a container that you use to keep everything together in one place. It’s useful if you need to hide your paraphernalia away from prying eyes, keep everything safe and fresh or simply want a box you can carry your stuff from A to B quite easily.

Stash Box

What does a person purchase a stash box?

Probably the most important feature of a stash box is security. This is something which applies to everybody, not just parents and pet owners.  From your kid sister, to the landlord’s dog, the nice neighbor-lady’s cat that you’re pet-sitting, nieces and nephews that came for a short visit.  I’ve heard more than a few stories about the 5th grader who shares some homemade cookies with their friends at school… but nobody realized that they were ‘special cookies’ then all of a sudden all those little kids are feeling funny or sick. What about the dog who snuck some ‘special brownies’ off of the table, and now you not only have to worry about the chocolate emergency, but also have to figure out what to do about your stoned-stoopid pet. No matter the situation, you don’t want to be this person! It would be humiliating, no it WILL be humiliating unless you take the necessary precautions.  Invest in a Stash Box.  We have plenty of options, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Learn more about keeping your children and pets safe!

Roommates, the In-Laws, your Mom, Dad, Siblings, Great Grandma, even fellow stoner friends. Simply put, everybody who isn’t you.  People are nosey, and even those who aren’t, see things you wish they hadn’t.  Don’t go forgetting about that one friend who always says they ‘just ran out’ and just walks straight to your stash to light up.  Or the sneaky siblings who take everything without asking. The struggle is real. Instead of frantically looking for an excuse or coming home to an empty stash, you could have one of our locking stash boxes sitting right on your bookshelf, bathroom, living room, or office untouched. Better still? Nobody will ever know, unless you want them to.

The amount of times I’ve tried to smoke, but couldn’t find a lighter, is unreasonable.  We literally had to chain a lighter to our coffee table at one point. You know like all of the pens at the bank? This is the most frustrating feeling.  Keeping organized is tough.  Especially when you’re stoned.  Having one Stash Box, with a built in rolling tray, and a variety of compartments is pretty awesome.  Or in my case… I have several different boxes for different ways of smoking.  You know one for my dab accessories.  One for all-things-flower with a built in rolling tray. The last is for tinctures, rubs, bath-bombs, all of those goodies. Plus, when you decide to go on that adventure you’ve been talking about; you’ll rest easy because you have everything you need, in one stylish spot, and ready to go. 

That plastic baggy just isn’t cutting it. I’m not sure I need to say more.  There’s a huge difference between a fresh bud and two month old flower you found under your bed; in a partially open plastic bag nonetheless.  I know you’ll still smoke it, but it didn’t have to be this way.  Tasting so harsh, and crumbling into dust.  You could have had a nice fresh cannabis waiting for you tucked away comfortably in your Hakuna Bamboo Jar, organized neatly in your Mahogany Signature Locking Box.

How to Smell Proof Your Stash Box

You’ve, no doubt, put some time and effort into creating the ultimate stash box. Whether it be a secretive book box hidden on your shelf or a stylish and high-tech finger-print box engraved with your favorite logos or spiritual symbols, then you’ve probably taken some time to decide how you want to store your stash. The problem is that sometimes the box just isn’t a completely Smell Proof Stash Box. Let’s face it, some of the stash boxes on the market are pretty lame; glorified Tupperware.

We know you love your stash, and the smell of it; but sometimes it would be nice to keep the smell under wraps. Maybe you have a not so canna-educated family member or maybe you have roommates with sticky fingers; the smell of hemp or marijuana can be strong and very identifiable. This can definitely lead to problems when you’re trying to keep your stash hidden for one reason or another. So, what can be done to mask the smell and keep your precious stash hidden and safe? We have some great solutions that really work. Keep using your favorite stash box and have control over the smell of your stash.

There are many things that can help keep the smell of your stash discrete. The first, most obvious step will be to use airtight stash jars or stash containers. Not only do we know these keep your stash fresh, but they will help contain the smell. Get your jars here! Then, adding a odor-eliminating agent, like charcoal, gel, loose tea, coffee grounds or baking soda is a great choice. You could use nylon or another thin fabric to make a quick odor-absorbing pouch, tie it up with a rubber band and place it in your stash box.

There are other options like incense that are helpful too, but these mask the smell more than absorb smell. Masking the smell could be all that’s needed. Using a used dryer sheet can also mask the smell well and give those wasteful sheets a new purpose.

No matter what you prefer, masking or absorbing the smell, you’ve got options! Maybe try a few different ones and see what seems to fit your lifestyle and meet your needs. The great thing about many of these solutions is that you probably already have them, not need to run to the store.

How to Smell Proof Your Stash Box


It’s important to keep your stash in an airtight container like our jars. These jars keep your flower fresh and keep the smell contained. Plus, you can customize these jars with personal, custom engraving.


If you don’t have an airtight container or jar, in a pinch, use a sealed bag. Even if it’s just a zip lock bag, it will keep your stash fresh and smell minimized.


Not everyone knows how amazing baking soda is when it comes to absorbing smell, but it is a great tool to keep your stash box smelling more like just a box. Just change it out every couple of weeks. Low cost and effective.


Not just for a pearly white smile; charcoal can also absorb strong smells. Just put a hand-full into a fabric bag or nylon material and tie it up and place it in your stash box!


Fill a nylon stocking with coffee grounds and place the little pouch in your stash box. This is a trick that many perfume sales-people use to help customers compare scents. 

6. TEA

Some as easy as fresh tea bags can help to absorb the smells and bring a fresh scent. So, if all you have is Tea, you’ve still got something that could work to minimize the Canna-Odor.


If you’re a fan of incense, you can totally put some in your stash box to add a new, spicy scent. Just keep in mind that some incense may be strong. Less is more for this one.


There are many of these gel odor absorbers on the market. They work well and you can get ones that are completely natural and, in a case, compact enough to fit in a stash box.


If you use dryer sheets, you know you go through those fast and then right into the trash they go. Why not reuse them to make your stash box smell fresh and clean?


If you have a favorite essential oil, you could use a small diffuser in your stash box with your oil. Keep in mind, so many things can be used as a diffuser, wood, stones, even fabric.

Which states do you need to have your cannabis securely locked away and stashed?

Pets and children cannot differentiate between regular desserts like chocolates and brownies and cannabis edibles. Therefore, they end up eating them like everything else lying around the house. Since marijuana doesn’t have the same effect on children as adults, it can turn out to be a serious health hazard for them.

Hence, all pet owners and parents are advised to own a cannabis container to store their stash, whether you use it for medicinal or recreational purposes. Here are the 5 options you can choose from.

1. The Black Storage Box by Hakuna

If you emphasize aesthetics even when it comes to storing your stash, then there is no better option than the containers offered by Hakuna Supplies. Not only do they sport an incredibly sleek appearance, but the functionality offered by these containers is also unmatchable. They come with a lock and key features, so even if you have your cannabis lying on the coffee table, your kids and pets will not be able to consume them accidentally.

2. Sidekick Smell-Proof Case by Skunk

Another great way to disguise your marijuana is to store it in a kit that looks like you have got your medicines in it. Well, then the patented carbon-fiber technology by Skunk has brought perfect products for you. Their Sidekick Smell Proof Case comes with a Combo Lock that will allow only you to open the case. Moreover, the unmatched smell-proof feature will ensure that no one will know what you have in the case.

3. White Canvas Medication Bag by Cardinal Bag Supplies

The canvas Medication Bag by Cardinal Bag Supplies is the perfect marijuana storing case for enthusiasts who spend a major part of their year on the road, traveling. This is because it is an elegant looking medicine purse in which you can store your weed stash securely with the lock provided on the zipper.

Your kids, whether teens or toddlers, will not be enticed to check out what is inside this bag; because it does not look like anything but medicines can be stored in it. Moreover, with the two keys to the lock, you can ensure that you have one safe even if you lose the other one.

4. Steel Dictionary Book Case by Imountek

The Home Security Case by iMounTEK is an exclusive weed stash container for the weed enthusiasts because it comes with an elegant appearance like that of a dictionary. So, it is perfect for protecting it from children who seldom go near books like “The New English Dictionary.” Moreover, the stainless steel built is perfect for storing your stash because it seals in the odor too.

One feature that you must look for in a weed container is that it should not have a self-locking mechanism. If it does have one, you might end up Locking Stash Box in the keys under the effect of marijuana. So, this steel case comes without a self-lock, but the lock provided is 100% secure and comes with two keys and a key ring. We would advise you to keep both the keys separately so that if you lose out on one of them, the other one is still with you.

5. Odor Resistant Stash Box By CLOUD/TEN

If you are serious about your stash of marijuana, then the odor-proof container by CLOUD/TEN is the right choice for you. It sports an incredibly sturdy and crush-proof outer shell that will

ensure that no matter where you store your marijuana, it says intact. Moreover, the premium rubber used on the interior of the case acts as a vacuum and retains all the smells. In this way, you can store your cannabis anywhere in the house or the car and pass all inspections.

Another feature of this case that will make you fall for it is the customizable foam layers, which can be arranged according to your requirements. So, whether it is the cannabis edibles or glass jars with superior quality concentrates, you have a space for all of them in this compact case. The grooves in the foam layers will make organizing the stash even easier for you.

What goes inside of a stash box?

So, what are you going to put in your stash box? It’s going to depend on how into the cannabis scene you are. If you just like to roll joints, it’s going to be pretty basic – a set of papers, your stash, lighter and maybe a poking tool with a few cones.
Here is list of equipment you may need:

Of course, the first thing you’ll put in that box is your stash. Whether this is concentrate, bud or something else, you’ll want to keep it protected, either in a sealed bag or airtight container like a stash jar. Concentrate can be fairly oily so keeping it separate is important.

Our advice is to have separate containers or sealable bags for each different product so you don’t get mixed up. Ceramic storage jars with tight lids are a great option and show you’re serious.

If you smoke, you’re going to include rolling papers, of course, you are. But you also might want to include some crutches, cones or filters if you are a little more health conscious. You’ll also want a solid and reliable petrol lighter that you can depend on to ignite your joint. For those special occasions, there may be a cigar or two included for making that impressive blunt.

The idea of keeping everything in one place is important if you like easy access. The last thing you want when you’re high is to be searching around for the right tool. Almost any thin object can be used as a poking tool to tamp down your weed but make sure you have one in your stash box to avoid getting frustrated.

If you want to get the best out of your stash and like nothing more than a bit of dry herb, investing in a really good quality grinder is important. Go for a heavy duty, portable device that has a repeatable and sturdy action. Stainless steel is usually the best material. Grinders are not just for vaping enthusiasts and they almost always tend to come in handy at a get-together or on a camping trip.

Another important tool you might want to include in your stash box is a dabber. These are portable devices and you can get some really striking and artistic ones nowadays. You may not be a regular dabber but having one in your kit can save you trying to find an alternative if the need arises.

Including a vape pen in your kit means that you are always ready for action. The design of portable vape pens and devices has really improved over recent years and no cannabis user should be without one. Our advice is to go for quality and spend a little more money on a device with good temperature controls and a strong, long-lasting battery.

While not directly related to your cannabis lifestyle, there are other things you might want to include in your stash box. The first is a penknife. You never know when you’re going to need a blade to fashion out a pipe from an apple or cucumber or clean out someone’s pipe. Better to be safe than sorry.

What are some ways to personalize a stash box?

Anything can be used as a stash box—but not everything should be. That grungy Tupperware you’ve had since college, for instance? Legal cannabis deserves a better hiding place.

Enter the homemade cannabis stash box. Your cannabis stash is personal, so your Custom Stash Box should be too. Luckily, it’s easy—find a box, grab some craft supplies, smoke a bowl, and let creative inspiration take over. Here are some ways to personalize a stash box.

Step 1: Select Your Box

Before you shop, consider where you want your stash box to live. If you’ve got limited shelf space, measure and write down approximate dimensions to search for. Also, consider how much cannabis you want your stash box to hold. Then head to the local thrift store, Container Store, consignment boutique, or estate sale to find something that fits the bill.

Things that work well include jewelry boxes, cigar boxes, bread boxes, recipe boxes, tool boxes, or even small trunks (if you’re hoping to get all your cannabis accoutrements in there as well).

Step 2: Round up Your Supplies

Head to the craft store to procure any materials you desire. You can choose how fancy you want to get (on the minimal effort side of things, for instance, a cool stash box can be had with as little as a sturdy gift box, old magazines, and a glue stick). Our supply suggestions:

· X-Acto knife
· Scissors
· Sandpaper
· Super glue, glue sticks, and/or hot glue gun
· Mod Podge
· Acrylic paint (for hand painting, detail work, nooks and crannies)
· Spray paint (for a polished finish—better option for metallic paint)
· Painter’s tape
· Magazines (for decoupage)
· Stickers
· Decorative paper (wrapping paper or scrapbooking papers work well)
· Velvet, brocade, or other fabric scraps
· Ribbon
· Beads and/or old jewelry
· Rhinestones or sequins
· Glitter

Step 3: Smoke a Bowl

Great strains for sparking creativity include Kali Mist, Chemdawg, and Berry White.

Step 4: Make Your Box

Now that you’re feeling relaxed and inspired, start with whatever materials call to you. You can line the box with fabric, sand and paint the exterior, add personal touches inside and out, or do just about anything you want. A few overarching suggestions:

Use Different Sections for Different Purposes

Use smaller sections, or boxes within boxes, to hold joints and flowers to keep them from getting jostled; use larger sections of the main box to hold larger items like pipes.

Make Organization Easy

For example, if you plan to keep concentrates in one section of your box and flower in another, you can use green and amber coloring to indicate which section is for which product type.

Make It Eye-Catching

There’s no need to hide your stash away anymore, so give the box bright colors, personality, and plenty of glitz.

The big benefit of a stash box is that it simply keeps everything together in one place. You can use any relatively sturdy container but we suggest one that is airtight and watertight. That way you will ensure your cannabis and your kit are all kept in good condition at all times.

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