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Cannabis and Athletic Performance

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It’s Called a Runner’s High for a Reason — It’s clear that moderate intake of weed is beneficial for your overall functioning. One question remains — Will cannabis actually improve your athletic performance? Interestingly enough, there is a precedent. Back in 1998 in the Japan Olympic Games, the first place finisher was Ross Rebagliati. He was positively tested for cannabis in his blood, and this called for his performance to be questioned.

However, at the time, THC, which is the main mind-altering component in cannabis, was not included in the list of banned substances. While it is now, this wasn’t the case back then, and therefore Rebagliati could keep his gold. With that being said, there are things to be considered here.

Cannabis High May Help Improve Your Performance

This might sound a bit crazy at first because most people are instantly going to think of a couch-locked stoner.  Not only that, they’ll think of that guy taking a nap covered with Chips Ahoy, Cheetos, and pizza. However, it’s true that there is an increasing amount of people who report that training, while high, helps them to unlock significant performance gains. And that’s not a lie.

Back in 2014, Clifford Drusinsky – a gym owner within Colorado. Also, an elite triathlete who led many gym training sessions, which were fueled with weed edibles, stated that “the edibles allow participants to control their movements much better”.   Since the cannabis relaxes them, and lets them focus on their form, they end up training in a healthier manner.


A Little Bit of Extra

The WADA – World Anti-Doping Association, cites some studies that conclusively prove that marijuana can actually decrease anxiety as well as to increase overall airflow to the lungs. This is because it acts as a bronchodilator which is something that’s designated to properly decrease resistance in your airways.

There are many out there that say a few hits before a run makes the time go quicker and ultimately reduces pain both during and after exercise.  This is mostly because you become much more relaxed, and tend to focus less on the exercise itself and more on your surroundings and whatever’s in your mind. Your body takes to that well, and there’s less tension, and more motivation.

In any case, it’s clear that weed can have very beneficial impact on your athletic performance. We have provided more than one finding. Cannabis itself is known for being a strong anti-anxiety combatant and considering that anxiety is one of the core elements of bad performance, you can easily see how this could help you out.  So I guess now we won’t be picturing that guy taking a nap covered with junk food; instead we’ll be thinking of the athletes of the world.

With all of this in mind, if you want to access some high-end medicinal marijuana accessories, you should most certainly get in touch with us. Maybe you have some relevant experience that you would like to share? Tag a friend who has smoked and killed it in the gym afterwards. In any case, you might want to join the Hakuna Club and gain access to more great information, in addition to many other great perks.

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Written by Author Torrey Thomas who works alongside Hakuna Supply as their Photographer and Creative Director.  


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