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Cannabis and Pets: How to Keep Our Furry Friends Safe

At the end of a long day, we just want is to sit back and enjoy a blunt. However, doing so is dangerous to our pets.  Regardless of if our pet is nearby, in the same room, or not in the room but happens to spend a lot of time in the room, the dangers still exist.  Here’s why.


Cannabis Intoxication

The most common ingestion is through the air that they breathe (Cannabis Intoxication).  Just like second-hand smoke for any person, pets inhale it as well.  However, for them, the effects are not the same.  In fact smoke and edibles effect them in a negative manner.  Their symptoms consist of trembling, agitation, nausea, vomiting, stumbling, and struggling with catching a breath.  Nobody wants to feel that way, and I know we never want to see our pets uncomfortable because of us!  Less common but still plausible, pets ingest cannabis by finding pieces on the floor or an edible which was left out and eating them. Unfortunately, this is more dangerous because of the higher THC level.

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Which Pets Are Most at Risk? 

The most vulnerable pets are dogs, because of their incredibly strong senses.  So, it’s important to be exceptionally cautious if you are a dog owner.  Smaller-sized pets are most delicate when it comes to Cannabis Intoxication. The larger the amount of intake the bigger the risk.  Pets that have a history of heart problems or respiratory impairment are also considered to be in more danger. So, if your pet falls under one of these categories, then it is important to be extremely cautious. As their lives are in your hands.

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Is This Treatable?

Yes, in most cases Cannabis Intoxication is treatable. It might take a few hours (which typically does not stretch more than a day and a half), according to the quantity ingested or inhaled and the general physical state of the pet. In rare situations, it may be difficult for your pet to bounce back to their normal behavior. There may be a need to get your pet on fluids, as to detoxify faster.

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The solutions are simple and we have many options.  A quick solution to second-hand smoke is to go outside! Depending on the state you live in, this is one of the easiest, and best options.  We do recognize that this isn’t the best option for everyone.  The next best option is to smoke somewhere that your pet doesn’t spend too much time.  If that still doesn’t work, it may be time to invest in a Smoke-Buddy (Read more about that HERE ).  To keep you pets safe from finding and eating bits and pieces of cannabis itself, or any edibles: Consider storage options. We have an array of Stash Boxes, Discreet Stash Books, and Discreet Locking Books to fill those needs( HERE ).  Simply putting your cannabis away could save your pet, and yourself from all the vet fees.

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CBD for Pets

Please understand that we are not condoning the use of cannabis around your pets we are only sharing that this can have harmful effects on the animals. However, we do want to state that there are lots of new cannabis products that are made specifically for pets. However, it is important to state that the main difference in human vs animal products is that it does NOT get them high. These animal friend products are made with CBD only and can have amazing long lasting effects. Our favorite cannabis product for animals is VetCBD. You can check out more about them and the benefits of their products here.


Cannabis (smoke and edibles) can and will take its toll on your companion. It’s important to change your habits accordingly, so that you can both be safe and happy. You will be happy to enjoy your cannabis and your pet’s love, and your pet will be happy to see you care-free and filled with energy! A win-win!


Please comment with your own experiences or tips and tricks you use when keeping your pets safe. Give the Hakuna Club a follow and like our Facebook page for more helpful articles and incentives!


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