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CBD Your Way Through Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving with the family can often be stressful. Everything from overcooked appetizers and rude relatives to kids that just don’t listen can drive a person to drink. Even dogs and cats tend to freak out from all the guests in their homes. Thankfully, there is a smart and efficient technique to deal with all the pressure. You can now rely on our top cannabidiol products, from our vegan dried fruit chews to a our water soluble CBD tinctures, to help manage everyday stress.

Start The Morning Off With CBD Coffee or Tea

Set your day up for success with our 100%, non GMO but still caffeinated hemp roast coffee.  Perfect to brew a fresh cup for the road to grandma’s or in the mornings while everyone’s arriving for the festivities.

Snack Smartly With CBD Dried Fruit

Skip the guilt by snacking smartly with our vegan CBD Dried Fruit chews, available in banana, mangopineapple and ginger

Power Through With Flower

Very few things are as calming and timeless as rolling your a CBD joint and relaxing out back or by the fireplace. Our Hobart’s Haze premium flower is available in flight friendly eighths while are pre-rolls come in four flavors: Original/Hobart’s HazeAmazonMintz and Moon

The True MVP - Water Soluble CBD Tincture

Keep a water soluble CBD tincture like ours around for convenience and ease. Transform holiday drinks into cups of calm, with flavor profiles ranging from Original (unflavored), ACDCBlue Dream and Wedding Cake, by dropping a few drops right into your mug. Another way to infuse the holiday with wellness is dropping a few drops right onto cooked dishes and desserts.  


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