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Build your custom bundle.

1. Choose Box Type

2. Choose Finish/Design

3. Choose Accessories

Step One

Choose Your Box Type

You’ll start by choosing the box type that’s right for you. Pick the box size and features that match your needs. At the end you’ll get 10% off everything in your bundle.

Hakuna 104 scaled 1
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Bamboo Box 1


w/ engraved design of your choice

Small – 5″  x  3.5″  x  2.5″


Looking for a starter stash box or the perfect base for a gift? Then our Bamboo stash boxes are the right choice for you. Perfectly sized to fit your basic accessories and priced to keep your box full. You can’t go wrong with his box. 

Hakuna Original Black Transparent


w/ engraved design of your choice

Medium – 8.25″  x  6.175″  x  4″


For those who need some extra security from their kids, roommates and pets, our Original Series is the place to start. With built in lock and key security this beautiful stash box will keep your products fresh, organized and eliminate waste.

MahoganySignature transparent


Large – 10″  x  8″  x  4″


When the original stash box isn’t quite enough our Signature Series is the perfect option. With a king size rolling tray and larger compartments, this box will be able to fit all your wants and needs plus a little bit more. You’ll have all your friends in awe of your stash!

Bamboo Front Open


Large – 9″  x  8″  x  5.5″


A cross between technology and nature, the Legacy Series was created for those who are looking for the most up to date products.  Features include a fingerprint locking system and portable charger to keep your accessories powered up.

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Claim Your Coffee!

1oz Hakuna Hemp Roast Coffee

Start your morning with a rich and smooth cup of CBD-infused coffee. The perfect combination for when you need that early pick me up but want to stay relaxed and focus.

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