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I Tried CBD Coffee for 2 Weeks…

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee in the morning. Whether fresh brewed and steaming out the pot or under an hours-long cold brew, coffee is an important part of the day. Some claim to need it to function while others just like the taste. Regardless where you stand, you know that a quality cup of coffee can help get your day moving in the right direction.

As a freelance writer in the cannabis space, I’ve been looking for a brew that gives me the morning buzz I need. At the same time, I want to ease into the day with a low dose morning cannabis session. However, I don’t want to consume too much and ruin a productive day right out the gate with a heady buzz. So, the natural answer I, and a growing number of folks decided upon was CBD coffee.

Hakuna Hemp Roast is what first attracted me to Hakuna Supply. When looking for CBD coffee, I found quite a few that checked some of the boxes of what I was looking for, but not all of them. With Hakuna Hemp Roast, I found a company that provided me info on how their blend was made, ensured its quality and came in a package that looked much more appealing than the usual bag of coffee grounds. Admittedly, the third benchmark wasn’t on my list until I came across Hakunas designs, but they had me hooked right away. Going further, the blend of Guatemalan beans and Colorado-grown hemp put them over the top. With stellar source materials, I had high expectations for what was to come.

Soon enough, I was putting aside my regular blend and brewing up some Hakuna Hemp Roast. It was time to find out if CBD coffee really made a difference in my day.

My Experience with Hakuna Hemp Roast

I would love to write this saying that I’m a coffee aficionado who drinks responsibly. But in truth, I’m a pretty high strung, low sleep kind of person that overdoes it on coffee on occasion. That said, it only made sense that I incorporate these elements into my research.

Remember, what makes sense is highly subjective here. The first week was spent drinking under my usual ill-advised consumption patterns:

  • Multiple cups (2-4 a day)
  • Morning coffee on an empty stomach
  • Drinking in the early evening

When drinking regular coffee under the above conditions, I often experienced reactions you may have come across as well, such as:

  • Jittery hands and legs
  • Upset stomach
  • Unable to focus on work
  • Irritability

With Hakuna Hemp Roast, I felt little to none of that at all. Most noticeably was the changes in my stomach. I felt fine instead of the usual throwing my gut in knots while feeling slightly sick. When I got hungry, my body alerted me without anything of the usual. The jitters were also gone. A solid win-win for sure.

With the second week, I went back to drinking brew less throughout the day and on a full stomach. I noticed no negatives occur while feeling about the same as I did in week one. Above all else, I enjoyed my coffee each morning from day one on. The beans used are top notch and gave me the typical buzz I received from my regular coffee. Over time, I noticed the CBD take effect as I remained calm during the work day, focused a bit more on the tasks at hand and even slept fine when having a cup later in the day.

I’m writing this article at the beginning of my third week using Hakuna Hemp Roast and I feel as if my morning routine is exactly the same. Now, I have the added benefit of a non-psychoactive CBD in my body as well.

How CBD Helps the Body

Each person’s experience will vary with CBD coffee or any CBD product. However, my experience so far has been par for the course in regards to positive CBD effects. I felt many of the benefits of CBD and coffee that include:

  • Alleviates nausea (Including morning sickness)
  • Eases headaches
  • Alleviates stress
  • Anxiety relief
  • Joint relief
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Has antipsychotic effects
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Can help fight cancer
  • May treat seizures and other neurological disorders
  • Lowers incidence of diabetes
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Coffee jitters
  • Less risk of heart disease
  • Reaction Times
  • Stronger DNA
  • Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Coffee reduces colorectal cancer risk
  • General Cognitive Functions
  • Reduced heart attack mortality risk

With lower anxiety, a jitter-free body and the caffeine to support me through the day, I can say that I felt the benefits of CBD coffee. Going forward, I hope to have nothing but Hakuna Hemp Roast in my home. Now, what to do with all these other grounds…?

Giving CBD coffee a try was a decision I’m happy I finally made. Hakuna Hemp Roast provided me with the energy and CBD I needed to get through the day more relaxed than I would with the typical coffee. If you haven’t tried for yourself, consider doing so now. With a string of benefits, CBD coffee has the potential to ease your mind, body and give you some energy along the way.

We are pleased to announce this month’s Guest Author,  Andrew Ward whom has been a writer, editor, and creative branding consultant living in Brooklyn, New York. He writes in a clear yet complex, compelling, & informative manner. He writes about everything from the latest developments in terpene extraction to the forecast for the freelance community in the years ahead. Stop by and say hi, here.


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