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It’s the Allright Hakuna Happy Hour with Elevate Jane and INDA

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INDA Creations and Elevate Jane Hosts Our 2nd Hakuna Happy Hour At All Right Collective

Join us for the second installment of Hakuna Happy Hour which will be hosted by INDA Creations and Elevate Jane at the All Right Collective on Wednesday December 5th! Discover and shop All Right Collective’s unique offerings including Elevate Jane, Made From Dirt, and more cannabis lifestyle friendly brands. Hakuna Supply will be serving complimentary CBD infused beverages throughout the evening. RSVP and learn more by emailing [email protected].

Hakuna Happy Hour Details:

DATE: December 5th, 2018

TIME: 5:30PM-7:00PM

ADDRESS: All Right Collective – 288 South La Brea Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

RSVP: [email protected]

TICKETS: complimentary but we encourage you to RSVP a head of time

Learn more about each hosts from our joint interview with INDA Creations Founder and head wandress Caroline Mauro and Elevate Jane’s Founder Angela Mou:

Tell us about how your seperate businesses, INDA Creations and Elevate Jane were named and what it stands for:

CAROLINE: INDA, is a play off of INDICA (the type of cannabis that provides a sense of deep body relaxation) as well as 90’s slang word “endo” which is a silly nickname for cannabis (I’m a huge biggie fan!).  I wanted the name to sound more feminine and whimsical so I added an A on the end and was also inspired by the word INDA, which loosely translates to beautiful in Indonesian.

ANGELA: Speaking of Indonesia, Elevate Jane’s name was conceptualized while Angela was on a sabbatical in Bali! Angela wanted her shop’s name to describe both what it is and but also serve as a call to action for her customers. Jane’s cat is also named, so why not!

Describe your business models in less than 3 words.

ANGELA on Elevate Jane: Educate, Destigmatize and Delight

CAROLINE on INDA Creations: Plant Wellness Shop

Angela, what made you choose to open a business that’s mission is to educate, destigmatize and delight?

I wanted to curate products for those who wanted a feminine and/or minimalist style in their cannabis accessories. There are so many designer made designers and products that I find it necessary to provide an all inclusive shop for all.

Caroline, and what made you choose to open a Plant Wellness Shop?

I wanted to help break the stigma with cannabis and make it feel more accessible and normalized, from a pipe necklace I designed that allows you use your medicine on the go to a CBD balm that is great for post yoga and hike pains.  The indica mission is to teach people how to use nature and cannabis to enhance their wellness routines. Through these routines one can find and develop a deeper earth-spirit connection to themselves which I believe can enhances life meaning and worth.

Who is your ideal customer? How do you reach your ideal customer?

ANGELA: The Elevate Jane customer has an inclination for the minimal and a sense of their femininity. Our hand pick and carefully curated accessories speak to both of these ideals but not choosing one over the other. For the Elevate Jane consumer we have found Instagram to be our most powerful tool. As a young business the ability to find, share, and communicate with our customers through this social media platform allows us to curate our products directly with our customers and ship all over the world. Also being a local business in LA with the cannabis culture, fashion, and influencers spreading all around us allows us to connect with like minded people and business. So really the possibilities are limitless.

CAROLINE:  The Indica customer is that who enjoys the power of nature, the freedom of the outsides and connection to Mother Earth.  Their wandering hearts and gypsy souls possess a love of travel and an appreciation for the bohemian. They are humans with a passion for natural remedies like CBD, crystals, holistic healing, self care rituals and wellness tools.  They are warm hearted and caring and support sustainability, small businesses, farms and products that are made in the USA.

Connecting with our customers is one of our favorite parts and Instagram has been a great tool for us. Instagram has given us ability to directly reach our Indica customer and learn about their wants, needs and problem. It has also allowed us to help many people and grow strong lasting relationships. Along with Instagram we have found that festivals, events like the Hakuna Happy Hour and activation’s have been a great way to meet like minded people. I’ve found that in person, one on one time with my customers is the best modality to foster that connection.  I am able to answer any questions and let them sample and view my products and feel our vibe so they can get a better understanding of what we stand for here at INDA. We are super passionate about creating a wellness experience for our clients from tasting teas and sampling our Beauty Potion to creating DIY Herbal Smoke Stations. It’s always best to play on the sensory experience and allow our customers to touch, feel, smell and experience our products first hand. CBD and the cannabis space as a whole is still a new and growing market so I often find myself educating about the healing powers of CBD and enjoy the opportunity to spread the healing powers and modalities of plant medicine. You’ll always be surprised how connecting with people and then word of mouth can spread quite quickly.

What are you most looking forward to during your Hakuna Happy Hour?

CAROLINE: Aligning with two other brands that are near and dear to my heart and inspiring!

How can we all live a little more ‘Worry Free’?

ANGELA: Smoke more weed! And CBD.

CAROLINE: CBD!, daily rituals, immersion in nature and connection to our Earth Mother and of course eating and appreciating your greens

A little more about each host:

INDA Creations is a holistic healing company that focuses on the healing powers of nature – plant medicine and crystals. INDA Creations aims to enhance and amplify the wellness journey with tools for healing and symbols of self-care, inspired by Mother Earth. Visit INDA Creations at and follow her on Instagram at @indacreations #indacreations

All Right Collective

Founded in 2015 by a creative family looking for space, Allmost sprung up in an over-looked building in Mid City, Los Angeles. With a mission is to provide accessible creative space, resources and community for up and coming artists and creatives in Los Angeles, the team strives to be the answer to the challenges we faced as creatives trying to make it work; to share knowledge, methods and inspiration. Visit for more information and follow them at @allright.collective to stay up to date on their offerings and events.

Elevate Jane

form + function: We’re all about nice-looking things that work well, and we’re delighted to show you the collection we’ve curated. You’ll find the things you seek and discover necessities you didn’t know existed. Visit Elevate Jane at and follow her on Instagram @elevatejane You can also stop by All Right Collective 12p-7pm Wednesdays through Sunday to shop in person.

And if you don’t already, be sure to follow us at @hakunasupply and @hakunasupplycbd

We hope to see you at Hakuna Happy Hour on December 5th!


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