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How to Legally Store Cannabis in Recreational States

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While different states have enacted laws regarding the use of cannabis. Here are some important regulations you must know about cannabis storage.

Currently, it’s illegal to use, possess or sell cannabis under federal law. However, different states have enacted their regulations regarding cannabis. Most of these laws considerably contradict the federal position. Still, more than forty states have legalized recreational and medical marijuana. Those that remain conservative are far outnumbered. This may make it look like marijuana use is effectively normal. 

However, even states that have fully legalized the drug still have policies that regulate how it can be accessed, possessed, used, and even penalized in case of breach of regulations. Cannabis storage laws vary from state to state. If you live in a state that has legalized either recreational or medical marijuana, you need to understand how legally you can access, possess and store it. This piece focuses on the importance of cannabis storage and how you can legally store marijuana.

Do I Need to Lock My Cannabis?

Public opinion and support for marijuana use have evolved considerably in recent years. This has seen the legalization and normalization of marijuana use. In California, you don’t have to lock your marijuana in tight storage space. Not unless it exceeds the recommended amount which is 1oz.  As per California marijuana laws, all marijuana weighing more than 28.5 grams should be kept in a locked storage unit especially within private residential properties. However, the same amount doesn’t require locking in a public space but should be kept out of sight. 

On the other hand, if you live in a state where the drug is legal and you’re a legal cannabis user, you should ensure that your cannabis stays locked in a tight cannabis storage container. You do this as you would a medical prescription that only you can use.

Locking your recreational or medical marijuana is a safe way to keep it out of reach of children and any other person not authorized to use it. An ordinary storage tin kept on top of the shelf used to be ideal. But now you need to invest in something more child-proof and inaccessible. Something with an actual lock and key. The good news is that as cannabis becomes more and more available for consumers, so do different storage options. Below are important reasons why you should keep your marijuana under lock and key in a suitable storage unit. 

Promotes Child Safety

Weed has several recreational and medicinal benefits to adults. However, studies show that it can be detrimental to the mental development of small children and teens. Locking your pot in a child-proof stash box is the first step to ensure safety and legal compliance with state regulations. 

Prevent Teens From Experimenting

The country’s adult population continues to have a different view of marijuana use. But you can’t leave out young people either. Most teens perceive marijuana as a fun, harmless substance. The more it’s made available, the more they’re likely to experiment. A secure storage box helps mitigate teen experimentation and keeps your children from trouble. 

Helps You Avoid Dealing With CPS Issues

The Child Protective Services stance towards parental marijuana remains as strict as ever. This is despite the changing public opinion on the drug. There have been disheartening reports of parents caught at loggerheads with the CPS over irresponsible marijuana use. The CPS policy does not discriminate against medical or recreational marijuana use and employs the same protective measures for children. Locking your medical marijuana out of sight and reaching your kids or teens is much better than getting caught up in a custody battle with the CPS.

Help Avoid Accidental Poisoning

Marijuana is a medicine like any other and can cause adverse effects if taken in overdoses or by the wrong person. One example of such side effects is poisoning. A report by the National Capital Poison Center reveals horrifying cases of children swallowing medical marijuana such as cookies, candies, cakes, as well as edibles.  These have contributed to many cases of marijuana poisoning among children. Symptoms of pot poisoning usually include:

  • Chest pains
  • Sleepiness
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Vomiting

Furthermore, locking up your edibles can save your pets who are equally at risk of consuming them. Symptoms of pot poisoning in pets usually include lethargy, vomiting, as well as coma. As such, locking up can save lives. 

Woman working in medical marijuana dispensary, organizing and storing dried cannabis.

How Much Cannabis Can I Possess?

For residents in California, recreational and medical marijuana is legal in the state. Adults aged 21 and above can use cannabis for recreational use. You can also possess as much as 1oz. of dried flower and cultivate a maximum of six plants. However, the independent sale of marijuana remains illegal in California. It is a misdemeanor offense that attracts up to six months in prison. 

As for medical marijuana, the California state cannabis storage laws state that a debilitating illness that requires the medical use of cannabis in which its effectiveness has been deemed necessary and recommended by a medical professional qualified for patients to use it for medical reasons. In this regard, a patient can have as much marijuana as needed. Furthermore, the state does not have any restrictions on the number of marijuana plants you can use for medical purposes. 

Can I Have Cannabis in the Car?

Let’s say you’re in a state like California, where they allow the use of recreational marijuana. If you purchase it legally from an approved dispensary and want to drive to another city, can you have it with you in the car? But most importantly, how do you get it somewhere you can legally use it? As long as you can provide proof of legal purchase of your marijuana products, having it in your car or moving it across the state isn’t the biggest issue. After all, you can keep your legally purchased marijuana products locked in a tight cannabis storage box and keep them with you in the car. 

Typically, where marijuana is legal, it’s usually treated like alcohol. You can drive with it. However, other occupants in the car, including kids and other passengers should not have any access to it. Also, if you’re the one driving, you shouldn’t under any circumstances consume marijuana. Because cannabis is a powerful drug, it impairs judgment, coordination, as well as concentration. It can also slow your reaction. 

In the same way, you should not drink and drive, so you shouldn’t drive after taking marijuana in whichever form. Otherwise, the law considers it as a DUI. This would land you in serious problems even if you used the pot legally. Proving a DUI offense usually involves doing a blood test, and marijuana contains THC that can stay in your system for several weeks. So while you can safely transport marijuana if it’s legal in your state, you should not consume it and drive. 

Can I Fly With Marijuana?

So far, 24 states have legalized medical marijuana usage. Another 18 have allowed it for recreational use. However, at the federal level, marijuana usage remains illegal for whatever reason. So the question is, can you fly with it in states where it’s legal? This legalization and criminalization at the federal and state levels create an interesting loophole and confusion over cannabis transportation laws.

We know that airports are federal government property, meaning that the air is, by default, federal airspace. And yet, state entities still run most of the airports. Again, most state-owned airports use federal funding. This means that whether an airport is owned by a state or private companies or even individuals, they have some obligations to the federal government. That makes cannabis transportation laws a sticky issue.

That means they wouldn’t go against the federal government’s regulations on marijuana. So, in case of such breaches as transporting pot across the country by air, the airport authorities would be less lenient. Your best, safest and legal option is to purchase your marijuana within your state and transport it by car. While at it, safely lock it in a storage box. Check out our impressive, child-proof cannabis storage stash boxes available. 


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