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Peaceful Parenting Through Pot

Peaceful Parenting Through Pot

An exploration into the rise of Gentle-er Parenting and the Canna-Mom movement.

A recent survey of a popular Stoned Parenting group found that over 60% of their 31,879 members engaged in gentle parenting techniques, and while that wasn’t surprising, the number reached almost 96% for parents who felt that partaking in pot made them want to explore a gentler approach to parenting. While the focus is on the canna-mom movement, we wanted to explore its impact on more peaceful parenting through pot. 

So, You Don’t Discipline Your Kids? 

Gentle Parenting may be a buzzword right now but it is hardly a new term. A number of opponents to gentle parenting may be surprised when they find they are in fact also using gentle parenting techniques. One of the best ways to describe the current model of gentle parenting 


“Parenting through a partnership between your child and yourself by utilizing choices and internal willingness as opposed to force or external pressure”


isn’t meant to alienate those who don’t put it to practice but instead open a conversation for collaboration. Some read this and feel it means “no discipline” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, gentle parenting finds natural and relatable consequences to be more effective. Gentle Parenting prioritizes finding the root of the issue as opposed to dealing with the symptoms over and over. For some parents, this can be a re-education for themselves as well. As parents, our ultimate goal is to raise good humans who go on to do good things. We know they deserve the best start possible and there’s no shame in learning new ways to give them that.

Cann-a Mom Do That?

There’s a not-so-secret movement happening on Social Media right now, but you may not even know it. So, can a mom smoke pot and be a functioning parent? The answer is much more uncomplicated than you think: yes.Cannabis helps me be a better mom


The rise of the canna-mom movement has been met with 

  • shadow bans on social media accounts  

  • lack of monetization for cannabis content creators 

and a lessening understanding of how cannabis helps some moms be better. As more millennials moms report mental health issues on the rise, we seem to be unable to stop the stigma on smoking pot. That isn’t to say that the future isn’t bright, as cannabis reform sweeps the nation the tide seems to be turning. 


The canna-moms, moms who are open and honest about parenting on pot, are slowly gaining ground through their own grassroots (pun intended) organization efforts. Now, you can find books and guides on how to smoke like a mother, and use cannabis to be your best self. Books like Why Mommy Gets High, by Wendy Brazill,  have begun to destigmatize not only moms who smoke but how to explain to your children on your own terms. Scroll through any #CannaMom tags and you’ll see floods of mothers who want to raise good humans without waiting for wine o’clock. That isn’t to say cannabis cures all. You’ll find many moms who manage their mental health with a healthy combination of medication, therapy, and plant power. 


Powered By Pot

As more ways to consume cannabis make their way across the US and more states join in on the joint, it’s no wonder why more moms find it easier to medicate and meditate. It seems more parents are powered by pot than Run On Dunkin. You can find simple things like 

to complex cannabis-infused products like 

Traditional smoking methods seem to have become less popular with more companies switching their favorite strains to Vapes and even nano-infused edibles. These products give a fast-acting high through a deliberate delivery system, without even flicking your bic. 


Canna-Mom walking through a grow operation

Peaceful Parenting With Pot

As the movement of mothers, and parents, who medicate with cannabis grows it’s sure to continue to push the boundaries of what societies deem acceptable. Curiously, the Gentle Parenting Movement has been met with similar disdain by traditional society. A concerning number of people find themselves undereducated when speaking about Gentle Parenting and its true techniques. The practice of gentler parenting doesn’t mean that discipline is out to the side, it means that as a parent we take a conscious step to meet our children where they are as opposed to pulling them to where we’re at. Cannabis seems to add another layer for parents to examine their place in their child’s life. Most parents found that cannabis allowed them to form a more even-tempered response to their child’s negative behaviors. A growing number are looking to take a chill without the pill. 


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Peaceful Parenting Through Pot

Peaceful Parenting Through Pot An exploration into the rise of Gentle-er Parenting and the Canna-Mom movement. A recent survey of a popular Stoned Parenting group

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