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Hakuna Original Series Lock Box is a classic for those looking to upgrade from their shoe box. With the traditional lock and key security this box will give you a level of protection from your children, pets or roommates.

The pine finish is handcrafted to bring out its natural honey color and knuckled texture, pine can bring warmth to a modern look, softening glass and steel. Bamboo also mixes well with a variety of materials, complementing many types of furniture from antiques to Ikea.

The box is organized into 2 equal size compartments for separating your tools. One side is perfect for storing your glass, papers, lighters, dab tools and other misc goods. While the other compartment can fit one of our 1/2oz jars or an 1/8oz jar and grinder. The divider can be removed to make space for larger items if needed.

Half size rolling tray is perfect for 1 ¼ papers and sits on top of either compartment to help seal in any unwanted smells. The tray features a large open area for holding, grinding, mixing flower and a v-shaped groove to keep your rolling paper or wrap upright without using your hands. Additionally, this tray includes a secret storage nook that can hold a lighter, paper and small baggie. 

Weight 2.13 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4 in

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